Ty Van de Zande © 2018 

Printerface (2017)

Printerface is a textile-based music player interface. This project uses screen
printed circuits on cloth to create a touch responsive dynamic icon.

((Process of Development))

DJ Phone case (2018)

Sketchbook Sliders (2018)

This sketch uses conductive silver ink to create capacitive sliders on paper. Three sliders control Hue, Saturation, and Value to help a designer tactfully choose colors. The interface features a "tap in/tap out" button, so the user lifting their finger on the slider doesn't affect the color reading.

This interface is a sketch at bringing digital decisions, like RGB color,
into the physical world through tangible interaction.

The project features teensy 3.2's touchRead() function for capacitive input.

Colmn is a finessed, segmented typeface for screen printed EL displays — 
Colmn  was designed from scratch. It's a proof of concept that highly customized segmented typefaces can be designed, using the graphical affordances of the
screen printing process. The goal of Colmn is to feel equally organic and digital,
old and futuristic, loose and structured.

Colmn (2017)