Ty Van de Zande © 2018 


(August-October 2017)

Screen printing with light up ink — 
The goal of this project is to create a textile-based interface for music
playback, so a person will not need to check their phone for a simple task.

Skills Learned

Project Management Skills

  • Proposal writing for material funding and presentation travel

  • Budgeting (funding provided by CMU Undergraduate Research Office,
    Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, Imaginaries Lab, and CMU
    School of Design; Total funding raised from four entities : $9,200)

  • Self-led research


Research Skills

  • Material testing (Over 100 prints investigating, material combinations,
    resistance, luminosity, production time, or application methods)

  • Error analysis

  • Research writing (for presenting at conferences, helping other student,
    describe benefits of this particular technology)

  • Attending conferences (ACM Interactive Surfaces & Spaces)


Design Skills

  • Segmented icon design

  • Gesture interaction design

  • Color filter test and analysis


Electronic Skills

  • Screen printing basic circuits (DC & LED)

  • Screen printing electroluminescent (EL) circuits for paper & textiles

  • Schematic Design (inverter, interfacing high voltage & micro-controller)

  • Arduino programming (serial port interfacing)

  • Capacitive Sensing (writing calibration programs)