Ty Van de Zande © 2018 

NCSU Innovation Studio GEA Portfolio

Sketchbook Sliders (2018)

Three  touch sliders, screen printed on paper, control hue, saturation, and value to help a user tactfully choose colors. This interactive arduino technology could be transformed into a kiosk that assists someone searching for information in the Innovation Studio. The screen printed capacitive  sliders could also change parameters in a generative art installation.

Event & Survey Posters

These posters show a mixture of branding, surveys, and communications in public
spaces. Surveys, in addition to posters are important, so users of a space can easily
provide feedback or insights. 

Carrie Furnaces (2016)

Carrie Furnaces Event Space is a study in spacial design, with a focus on multi-purpose usability. Furniture and lighting can be arranged in a space to help facilitate various activities. 
The project also taught me to work in a team to develop a concept, and make design choices based on a set of objectives. 


Gillan Johnson

Jasper Tom

Chris Perry

Ji Tae Kim

Max Plummer

Assemblage (Senior Design Show)-

Transition Design Exhibit (2016)

As part of the CMU senior design show,  I helped create explanations about our senior studio project, Practicing Transition Design. The post-it note frameworks were group work from teams in the class, The orange posters highlighted sections of the class' work and explained its context. Featuring others work is important to building a community of understanding, but additionally important is explaining the work within a cohesive context.


Alex Palatucci

Noah Johnson

Jasper Tom

CMU Senior Studio

Typography Studies (2016-2018)

Segmented typography to be used with screen printed electroluminescent signage.

Dynamic, parametric, javascript-based typography is designed for web interaction.

FiDo (2016)

FiDo organizes a person’s files around their schedule — 
This operating system is designed to keep a user’s thoughts and resources
at glance, when they’re needed most.

((Process of Development))

AI Interface Design (2017)

Thinking about future technology influences contemporary design for the best. This project was for a business consultancy; our team spent a semester conducting generative research, and designing voice & visual UIs from user insights. 


Kate Martin

Ke Zheng

Jeong Min Seo


Printerface (2017)

Printerface is a textile-based music player interface. This project uses screen
printed circuits on cloth to create a touch responsive dynamic icon.

((Process of Development))