Ty Van de Zande © 2018 

FiDo (2016)

FiDo organizes a person’s files around their schedule — 
This operating system is designed to keep a user’s thoughts and resources
at glance, when they’re needed most.

((Process of Development))


Carrie Furnaces (2016)

Carrie Furnaces is the last standing historic iron mill in Pittsburgh, PA, located in Braddock and Rankin, along the Monongahela River.  In a team of six, the full studio, we conceptualized and designed an approach for transforming Carrie Furnaces, into a commemorative museum and park. My specific contribution, in addition to the class-collaboration charrette, is Carrie's event space. In the proposal, the Powerhouse's roof is partially removed, along with its top row of currently bricked-windows. Minimal, modular interventions were placed into the space to be rearrangeable for any occasion:
chairs, tables, plants, lights, cloth sails.

MicroMacro (2015)

MicroMacro Uses my phone as a microscope?! — 

The goal of the project was to build a tool to understand a microscopic object,

then build the tiny object at four larger scales, like a skate park!

I chose to explore screen print ink.

((Process of Development))