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(Spring 2016, half semester)

Using my phone as a microscope?! — 

The goal of the project was to build a tool to understand a microscopic object, then build the tiny object at four larger scales (see more work link). I chose screen print ink.

Skills Learned

Project Management Skills

  • Building a tool to solve a larger problem

  • Documentation


Research Skills

  • “What do I need to know to find out what I don’t know?”

  • Documentation at all stages, presentation of ideas

  • Screen printing on microscope slides


Design Skills

  • Ideating

  • Rapid prototyping (paper, wire, cardboard, functional, laser cutter, 3D printing, photogrammetry)

  • Designing features for specific actions

  • Photo curating

  • Video editing/After Effects


Cool Skills

  • Using a phone as a microscope


Projects I Made Based on this Experience

  • Printerface

  • Colmn Typeface

  • Electronic Garment for Input, Output, and Haptic Feedback

  • Project I want to make: Digitally controllable screen print stencil