Ty Van de Zande © 2018 

Chronicle Books Product Design Fellowship

My first year of high school, I taught myself to screen print from the pamphlet attached to a bottle of emulsion. One year and a half ago, I taught myself to screen print with light-up ink from digital journal articles. Learning to print from two types of publications influenced my approach to experimenting with materials. 

Like journal articles, I'm interested in experiences that provide copious amounts of information. 
A critique of those articles, unlike the DIY micro-publication that began my print journey, is those articles do not allow kids (or anyone) a tangible starting point to learn about wicked
new inventions that shape the future. 

As the Chronicle Product Design Fellow, I would create magical, interactive, and manipulable circuits on paper and cloth surfaces. Additionally to developing communicative projects for novel printing techniques, I will work with teammates around me to develop and deliver memorable experiences through products.

Colmn (2017)

Colmn typeface makes each letter from the same, funky shapes. Search for the specimen, samples, and the evolution video throughout the page!

Sketchbook Sliders (2018)

Three  touch sliders, screen printed on paper, control hue, saturation, and value to help
a person tactfully choose colors.

Printerface (2017)

Printerface is a textile-based music player interface. This project uses screen
printed circuits on cloth to create a touch responsive dynamic icon.

((Process of Development))

Typography Studies (2016-2018)

Segmented typography to be used with screen printed electroluminescent signage.

Dynamic, parametric, javascript-based typography is designed for web interaction.

MicroMacro (2016)

Carrie Furnaces (2016)

Carrie Furnaces Event Space is a study in spacial design, with a focus on multi-purpose usability. Furniture and lighting can be arranged in a space to help facilitate various activities. 
The project also taught me to work in a team to develop a concept, and make design choices based on a set of objectives. 


Gillan Johnson

Jasper Tom

Chris Perry

Ji Tae Kim

Max Plummer

Assemblage (Senior Design Show)-

Transition Design Exhibit (2016)

As part of the CMU senior design show,  I helped create explanations about our senior studio project, Practicing Transition Design. The post-it note frameworks were group work from teams in the class, The orange posters highlighted sections of the class' work and explained its context. Featuring others work is important to building a community of understanding, but additionally important is explaining the work within a cohesive context.


Alex Palatucci

Noah Johnson

Jasper Tom

CMU Senior Studio

These posters show a mixture of branding, surveys, and communications in public
spaces. Surveys, in addition to posters are important, so users of a space can easily
provide feedback or insights. 

Knowledge (2013)

Dynamic Digital Typography (2017)

The Beauty of Nature (2015)